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Advertising Concepts & Design

Professional Marketing Services is a graphic design agency specialised in designing tailor-made adverts and graphical design for all media. Our young and energetic team works closely with clients to provide guidance through the whole process, from initial ideas to completed solutions. Not only do we use the latest in computer-based graphic design software, but our design team’s years of experience, technical knowledge and creative flair are all essential ingredients in guaranteeing an impeccable quality service. We strive to make the connection between product and consumer in a powerful, direct and effective way. All artworks, graphical design and advertising campaigns are designed with a keen understanding of the market place. We know how to promote products and services in order to reach and compel the target audience to purchase products and services. This is all done in the most timely and cost-effective ways possible. In addition to advert creation, every element of design, promotion and printing is offered, including:
  • Stationery
  • Brochures
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Printed CDs
  • Multimedia CD Authoring
  • Web Design and Development

Corporate Identity & Branding

Our creative team is recognised for its ability to create the right image for your company.

Professional Marketing Services has a wealth of experience in creating professional, cost-effective and unique logos that perfectly communicate a company’s brand image and identity, products or services.

Large Format Printing

Our company supplies large format digital printing of photographs, picture enlargements, prints or reproductions, used for trade show graphics, retail, events, meetings and billboards.

Marketing Planning

A solid marketing plan is essential to the success of your business.

Professional Marketing Services is committed to ensuring that your time, resources, and money will reap the dividends you deserve.

Our company offers a wide range of marketing solutions tailored to each customer's needs and budget. We provide marketing analysis and ongoing promotions, which can include advertising, PR and sales and customer service.

Outdoor Advertising

Professional Marketing Services is an advertising company that can offer you a variety of outdoor advertising options.

Why outdoor advertising? Outdoor advertising is perfect for reaching mass audiences and is also great for targeting specific groups and ages. People are spending more time driving and walking than ever before, in greater numbers and for longer periods, therefore more people are exposed to outdoor advertising.

In terms of getting the best exposure for your advertising budget, outdoor advertising is second to none. It‘s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which generates repeated exposure to your potential customers. With the new media, outdoor advertising is only getting better.

Professional Marketing Services Ltd delivers a full range of outdoor advertising options including billboard advertising, bus advertising, pole advertising, vehicle wrapping, large format printing, signage and sign writing, digital advertising, street furniture and much more.

Press Management

Dealing with the media is an essential ingredient in the marketing mix, most particularly with the press. Professional Marketing Services provides total management of communication with the press, including media bookings, press conferences and the creation of effective press releases.

Promotional Items & Gifts

Professional Marketing Services offers innovative ways to build your brand with cost-effective promotional items and business gifts. Recognition is the key and promotional gifts make an impact every time. We create unique promotional items, perfect for gift giving during fairs and exhibitions. The vast range includes diaries, flags, USB pen drives, ball pens, key chains, mugs, printed/embroidered T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and lanyards. Along with a comprehensive range of promotional items and customizing processes to choose from, Professional Marketing Services provides an unparalleled level of customer care. We pride ourselves on providing the most innovative and creative solutions for the promotional needs of our customers.

Signage & Sign Writing

A broad range of interior and exterior signage to the corporate, industrial, retail and general business sectors. We are capable of making even a relatively simple sign look interesting and be highly effective.